Hassle-free online compliance training and LMS solution

Scrambling to get your in-services done before the end of the year?

Online compliance training and LMS

What is rapid compliance?

An affordable, online LMS solution for in-service compliance training designed specifically for healthcare organizations

How it works

No hidden steps - we remove the burden ensuring your employees are compliant

We provide hands-on customer support to you and your employees to ensure they're compliant and you're stress free.

Key Features

A complete online compliance training solution

Multi-Device Accessible

Rapid Compliance is intentionally designed to be fluid across devices. Whether your employees prefer engaging with their trainings on a computer, laptop, tablet, or from their smartphones, they are guaranteed an optimal experience.

Certificates & Transcripts

Employees will have access to completion certificates and downloadable transcripts representing their compliance progress. At the end of the compliance year, we send you each employee's certificate and transcripts.

Automated Compliance Reminders

Do your employees need a little extra nudge now and again? Opt-in for automated reminders that can go out as emails or SMS text messages to easily and conveniently keep your employees on track.

Comprehensive Compliance Reports

We remove the burden of tracking your employee's compliance training progress. We send you routine compliance reports directly, exactly as you need them.

SMS Text Message Options

Opt-in to have Rapid Compliance emails sent as SMS text messages instead for quicker, more direct outreach.

Course Catalog

Kept up-to-date with industry regulations and on-the-job best practices

1. Infection Control w/ COVID-19


3. Electronic Security

4. Identity Theft

5. Corporate Compliance

6. Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, and Domestic Violence Training

7. Cultural Competency

8. Sexual Harassment

9. Emergency Preparedness

10. Fire Safety

11. Hazardous Materials

12. Human Trafficking

13. Patient Rights

14. Patient Safety

15. Preventing Workplace Injuries

16. Workplace Violence

17. Customer Service

compliance training support specialist

Meet Judi, our InService Solutions Manager. Judi has been with our organization for more than 10 years providing clients with personal, hands-on support and guidance. 

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Why choose us

We're a dynamic team of health workforce training experts with over 15 years of online compliance training and LMS experience.

Rapid Compliance is a product of Health WorkForce New York (HWNY).

HWNY helps organizations meet their training delivery outcomes by providing an affordable, yet robust and highly customizable online platform. This includes learning management and complex data tracking and reporting capabilities. HWNY’s Account Service Team provides expert communication and resources to support the day-to-day implementation and on-going customer support.

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Health Professionals Trained via our learning management systems
workers compliant with NYS mandatory training laws
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trainings hosted, tracked, and reported

Trusted Partnership

Rapid Compliance is developed in partnership with CNYAHEC to advance InService Solutions (ISS), a customizable online compliance solution trusted by many healthcare organization across NYS.


Everything you need to know about our online compliance training and LMS

Blocks of 100 seats cost $1,000 per compliance year. 

Once enrolled, employees can log in to their learner accounts, access their dashboard, and begin their trainings from any internet connected device at anytime during the compliance year.

This page (hyperlinked to a page where we list details/screenshots for each training) highlights each Rapid Compliance module. We can also provide you with a temporary learner account to review the modules before you make a decision.

Once you have purchased seats, we will ask for your employee list which we will use for the automatic enrollment process. Your employees will receive an enrollment email and can begin their trainings within 24 hours of receiving your employee list.

Employers license Rapid Compliance on an annual basis, spanning one compliance year. Contracts can be setup to renew automatically each year.

Once a contract is executed, payment via check will be requested.

Two ways: employees will automatically receive a certificate of completion after every completed training module, and our team will send you routine training reports at scheduled times.

Our team will save your team time by directly emailing you training reports and certificates of completion on a routine basis and upon request.

Employees will automatically be provided a certificate of completion upon completing each training module. These certificates will thereafter be accessible at anytime in a learner’s dashboard for emailing, saving, and printing.

Rapid Compliance certificates certify compliance that lasts one year.

Our team is happy to work with you if this need arises. 

Yes, certifications can be prepared and provided on an as-needed basis.

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